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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why don't more painting                  contractors offer this service?

A:  Oddly enough, many painting contractors          don't even realize this technology exists.            Also, equipment is expensive relative to              other types of spray equipment.

Electrostatic painting is the preferred method for painting all types of metal items in the field like wrought iron fencing, gates, and handrails.  This method will produce superior finishing results with no runs, drips, brush/roller marks and is environmentally safe.  In fact, cars, etal office furniture and appliances have been painted with the electrostatic process in a factory setting for many years.  The same type of technology.  All types of new and existing metal surfaces can be painted using the electrostatic process and this would include aluminum, galvanized and steel items.  

Electrostatic painting is bases on the principal of magnetism; opposites attract.  The object to be painted is grounded or given  negative charge.  The paint is given a positive charge and atomized in a special revolving disc.  Instead of being blown on using compressed air and contaminating your surface to be painted, the paint is actually drawn from the paint gun to the surface electrostatically.

Electrostatic painting has many advantages over other types of paint spray applications.  For instance, overspray is kept to a minimum and the electrostatic forces pull paint around corners and edjes ensuring a smooth, automative quality finish.  In facet in a controlled environment, transfer efficiency between the spray gun and object is nearly 100%.  With these results, we achieve what the industry calls a "wrap finish."  This allows us to paint wrought iron fencing, gates, pipes, railings and other metal items from one side with superior results.  Difficult or impossible items to paint can be given a factory finish.

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Q:  Why use the electrostatic process?

      A:  On-site factory quality finish, no            over spray, no brush/roller marks, no          drips/runs, better coverage, uniform          coverage and more.

​Q:  Is electrostatic painting less               expensive than conventional painting?

A:  Yes, electrostatic painting uses at least 80%       less material which makes us GREEN and         cost effective.

Q:  Does the electrostatic process          really work that well?  I'm a                      skeptical consumer.

      A:  It works so well that we can paint                    wrought iron fencing from one side; it wraps        the metal that well.  All parts get painted              evenly and efficiently.  Painting those                  intricate ornamental iron areas is no                    problem.

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